iPROTECT does much more than monitor credit. It offers a solution as robust as the
ones used by the nation’s leading financial institutions to prevent identity theft.
With our unique system, iPROTECT builds a complete shield around your identity
from beginning to end - leaving nothing to chance.

Why do you need iPROTECT?

There is an identity theft every 3 seconds!

- IN 2013 -

5 million people had
their identities stolen

33% increase in tax
related identity theft

$50 billion in
identity theft losses

Peace of Mind

With iPROTECT protection in place, we will assist you with the following fraud prevention steps when your identity has been stolen, and we will advocate on your behalf anywhere it is needed. We will detect an elevated likelihood for misuse of an individual’s Social Security Number, name, address, phone, and date of birth.


Live freely knowing we’re searching daily for potential threats to your identity. With iPROTECT, your identity information will be constantly monitored for past history and real-time frauds or threats.

You will receive an actionable identity alert whenever an item appears that is outside your normal behavior. The iPROTECT Surveillance program monitors billions of data records on a daily basis.


A stolen identity can be one of the most frustrating life events a person will go through. That is why iPROTECT provides dedicated case managers to assist and guide you through the identity restoration process..

Upon notification of an identity theft event, Privacy Advocates act on your behalf as a dedicated case manager to investigate potential threats and even work with involved agencies – providing peace of mind and resolution. If we find something suspicious, our team works relentlessly to combat potential threats.